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Program Flow

Each morning will begin with a "Tune In", a meditative, musical start into the program.

Afterwards, as well as in the early afternoons, the plenary events "Panorama" will be presented: a moderator and several speakers will illustrate the day’s topics with short talks, in order to give the audience reference points for easy navigation through the dense program of the day.

Before noon, in the early and in the late afternoon, 40 and 90-minute lectures, seminars, and panels will be staged. There will be three blocks of 4 to 5 presentations each. At the end of most presentations, the speakers will be available in the foyer of the Congress Center for follow-up discussions or individual conversations.

The language of each speaker and a possible translation is indicated for each single presentation throughout the program guide, and in the program overview in the center spread. Participants who understand English and German do not require a receiver/headphone for the simultaneous translation, as all seminars are presented in the one or the other of these languages.

For an overall survey of all presentations, please have a look at the program overview at the center spread.

In the foyer of the Congress Center the supporting program "Forum" will be presented. Detailed information about the actual daily programs will be available every morning at the registration and at the information desk.

On Monday we offer Day seminars with Stanislav Grof (English), and with Ralph Metzner (German), as well as Half-day seminars with Alex and Allyson Grey (English), and Manuel Schoch (German). These seminars are not included in the ticket prices of the World Psychedelic Forum.

Friday, 21 March
The Psychedelic Experience:
Opening the Doors of Perception

Consciousness Change as the Key for a Better World • Rising Researchers - A Look at Tomorrow‘s Research and Researchers Today • The Roots of Human Violence and Greed: Observations from Psychedelic Research • The Harvard Psilocybin Studies 1961-63 • The Good Friday Experiment: A Follow-Up and Methodological Critique • On the Bus in America: Acid Tests, The Merry Pranksters, and the Grateful Dead • The Birth of the Psychedelic Movement: A Look Back at Another America • LSD and SDS? Sex, Drugs, Politics – 40 Years after the Cultural Revolution of 1968 • The Psychedelic Experience within the Integral Model of Consciousness • Developing LSD, Psilocybin and other Psychedelics into Legal Prescription Medicines • MDMA and PTSD: A Current Study in Switzerland • Psilocybin-assisted Psychotherapy to Reduce Anxiety in People • LSD-assisted Psychotherapy: A New Study in Switzerland • Psychedelics in Basic Neuroscience and Clinical Practice • The Revolving Doors of Perception: Deconstructing the Myths and Ambiguities of the Psychedelic Zeitgeist • Contemporary Visionary Culture • Swiss Psychedelic Pilot Studies: Beginning Anew Where LSD Began • LSD and Inspiration: Inventions, Discoveries and Nobel Prizes • Psychedelic Music in the Third Millennium • Bitter Brews and other Abominations: The Uses and Abuses of some little known psychoactive Agents • "SheShamans": An illustrated History of Women and Psychedelics • Kicking the Habit with Psychedelics: Ibogaine in the Treatment of Opiate Addiction • Basel, Prague, San Francisco: LSD gets International and Transpersonal • The Healing Potential of Altered States of Consciousness • Heartache and Headache: Psychedelics in Therapy • LSD in Low Doses: Antidepressant and Mind Enhancer? • and other

Saturday, 22 March

The Legacy of the Shamans:
Ancient Traditions and New Dimensions

Shamanic Visions: Awakening into Reality • Synergies between Science and Shamanism • Entheogens and their Visionary Expression: A Time Travel through Art and Culture • “Breaking Open the Head“: An Iboga Initiation with the Bwiti in Gabon • Dreams, Trance, Ecstasy: Their Vanishing within the Cultural History of the Occident • From Ayahuasca to Zen: Paths to Expanded States of Consciousness • Plant Teachers and the Path of Eve: The Mythopoetic Roots of Psychedelic Practice in the Western Tradition • Ayahuasca Research • Relationships of Plants and Mushrooms with Human Cultures • Coca teaches us how to Live: The Teachings of the Kogi • Ayahuasca: Vine of the Soul, Cord of the Universe • From Ethnomycology to Modern Mushroom Circles: Rituals beyond Space and Time • Local Plants and Consciousness • The Edge of Indian Spirituality: Naga Babas, Oral Tradition, and the Psychedelic Experience • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Psychedelics: A Conversation Between Experts and Users • Spirit in Nature: Psychedelic Plants and Mushrooms through Native Eyes • Deities, personifying as Plants • Alchemical Divination: ealing the Past, Visioning Possible Futures • Salvia divinorum: Plant of the Gods • Young and Rising Psychedelic Researchers present their Dissertations and Papers • Documentary Movie: Other Worlds – A Journey Into The Heart of Shipibo Shamanism • and other

Sunday, 23 March

Change of Consciousness:
A Challenge of the 21st Century

Psychedelics and Zen Buddhism: The Search for a Path • Entheogenesis – Toward an Expanded Worldview for Our Time • Mystical Experiences, Psychedelics, and Religion • Psychedelic Families: What Do We Tell the Children? • Psychedelics and Human Evolution: A View from Evolutionary Psychology • Psychology of the Future: Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research • Towards a rational and timely Drug Policy • From Problem Child to Wonder Child: The Next 20 Years • New Horizons – Potential Benefits of Psychedelics for Humanity • Ketamine-assisted Psychedelic Psychotherapy of Heroin Dependance • Psychedelic Emergency Services: Harm Reduction in Action • Creative Practices: Vision into Art • Creative Future: The Cosmic Triggers of the Evolution of Consciousness • Psychedelics and Zen Buddhism: The Search for a Path • Advancing Psychedelic Research • Psychedelic Horizons: Potential Benefits of Psychedelics for Humanity • The Value of Psychedelics for Humanity: A Look into the Future • All You Need is Love • Closing Ceremony

Monday, 24 March

Day Seminars  9am to 5:30pm
Stanislav Grof: Psychospiritual Death and Rebirth:
A Visionary Journey
Ralph Metzner: Introduction into Alchemic Divination (German)

Half-day Seminars
Alex and Allyson Grey: Creative Practices: Vision into Art
(9am to 1pm)
Manuel Schoch: Modern Meditation and Aura Reading
(German - 2pm to 6pm)

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